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Sensual Tantric Massage

A blissful state is achieved through a combination of deep relaxation, breathing work and body massage. Tantric Massage is a naturist experience where every part of a man's body is sacred and receptive to being energized.

Our inner self and sensuality craves attention. At first we find it difficult to relax and surrender to pleasure, at first we feel that loss of control will render us weak. But a deeper inner strength emerges when we experience honour and respect for our inner self. I can perform massage stokes fast or slow, but in terms of their effect, the slower, the better. The reason for this is that the natural response to touch by the nervous system, is to see if this is a treat. Once you allow time for the nervous system to establish that you are in no harm, and in safe hands, true relaxation can occur.

Massage stokes are done very slowly and sensuously to allow you to explore your senses and become fully present in your whole body, it encorporates all your senses, from your sense of sound, smell, imagination, to your sense of touch. A blissful feeling of relaxation is produced; this in turn helps reduce the effects of stress allowing the heart rate and respiration to drop and reducing blood pressure. Increased circulation is another benefit of Tantric massage which allows more oxygen and nutrients to your whole body, as well as stimulating the movement of lymph fluid thus detoxifying waste products from the body. During your tantric massage another benefit is that the release of endorphins is stimulated, the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals, which also allow a sense of well being, pain relief and levels of stress chemicals such as cortisol and noradrenalin these are reduced, so as well as a physical contentment, Tantric therapy will leave your mind and spirit rejuvenated too.

Start your sensual journey with me, lay back and enjoy. Let me bring you to your peak and back again. An experience you will thoroughly enjoy! Pampering at it's very best, and I just love it!

The Sensual Stress Buster


Are you a little tense, stressed perhaps or just want to enjoy an hour out of your daily routine, then imagine receiving the most delightful massage to ease the stresses of daily life, warm oils and towels covering you while your relaxing on a comfortable heated couch in nice warm comfortable calm surroundings. (Warm oils and heated bed only in the colder months) Been delicately massaged while removing muscle tension in your arms legs and back and in many other places. As you may know, an erotic encounter and the release (orgasm) create or release hormones and enzymes in the body and brain that fight and reduce stress. This is scientifically proven many times and many times in my presence. The stress accumulated during the day will vanish, been replaced by a wonderful feeling of peace and wellbeing.

Well look no further I am here to do just that for you. I perform all my massages naturist style and I do allow touching, I can incorporate different massage techniques to suit your individual needs, massage is fun and invigorating and has a great feeling of wellbeing, the feeling of body 2 body massage, skin to skin is just pure ecstasy...

In order to help obtain more curative and rejuvenating effects you may choose for me to use essential oils. Essential oils will help reduce stress and tension, refresh and invigorate the body, soothe emotions, and clear the mind. The essential oil is absorbed through the skin and into the body to affect physiological change. When inhaled the aroma directly affects the limbic area of the brain that is related to emotions and memories. I do recommend these oils where possible and I do appreciate that this is not always accepted due to the want of discretion.


Sports massage

Sports Massage is a deep treatment that loosens up tight muscles, breaks up adhesions in muscle fibres, and generally focuses on restoring and/or maintaining the full functionality of your muscles. It can be used to aid recovery from injury or an event or as part of a long term training programme. Muscle injuries will often heal more effectively with the help of sports massage.

It can combine Swedish style massage with trigger points compression, soft tissue release, deep tissue friction, manual manipulation and neuromuscular techniques to reduce soreness and help enhance power, endurance and flexibility.

Many people presume that sports massage is solely for sports people, it is not! Sports massage is of benefit to anybody, not just people who are particularly active. For those who don’t play sports but perhaps work in an office environment, sitting in the same position for long periods, or carrying out repetitive tasks, sports massage is ideal. It is extremely effective for loosening tight muscles and refreshing aching limbs.


• Improve flexibility
• Enhance performance
• Reduce risk of injury
• Speed up recovery time
• Maintain high levels of training
• Repetitive strains
• Improve muscular tension
• Pre-race preparation
• Post-race recovery
• Work related strains caused
by long hours behind a desk

If you have a specific area where you are having pain, or have injured yourself I can help, treat and advise you to help your healing quicker safely and still have a nice sensual horny relaxing time at the end.

I recommended you have a warm shower before and after your


60 mins £80
90 mins £120
120 mins £150

All the above rates include sensual hand relief.


Where are you located?

I work from a modern loction approx. 1 mile from the city center, easily accessible on foot and by car or public transport.

Are you available today?

Possibly. Please call me as soon as you know your schedule, the more notice I am given, the greater chance I can meet with you at your desired time.

Do you provide a Girlfriend Experience?

No sorry I do not. Just the massage service as stated, this means no kissing cuddling or extra's. Hand relief is all I offer. Please do not ask me to do anything else, this will always be refused. Please respect this.

What do I need to bring with me?

Other than the donation, nothing else is expected, OUR time together shoud be about YOU.

Are your rates negotiable

No, I feel my rates are fair and very good value so If you are looking for a lady based on low price only then please do not contact me, however if you appreciate a Classy, Sophisticated Lady giving you a very personal and luxurious service then you have definitely come to the right lady.

What happens once I have made an appoinment?

Once you have made initial contact by telephone and made a booking, You will be asked to call before 10am on the day of the appointment confirm, this is when I will give you details of my location. Failure to confirm within the timescale will mean the appointment becomes available for someone else. This is very important that you confirm unless an arrangement has been made between us.

We have met before and I would like to take you to dinner on a personal level.

While I am flattered you are interested in me the answer would be no, I am not looking for a relationship. I already have a very happy one.

Can you provide me with some pictures?

All my pictures are on the gallery page, I also have more on my adultwork profile see the link on my reviews page please take a look, I do not provide pictures of me showing my face and I will not send these to you, sorry discretion works both ways.






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